Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Incursion Rec.

--New Release 08/23/14--
IR023: SLUGGED "Chokin' on teeth" demo
6 quick tracks of fast downtuned hc/ grindviolence from Seattle, WA. New 2 piece project

--New Release 06/06/14--
IR022: ACID FEAST demo 2014 
"Acid Feast is a Mince/Grindcore band from Seattle. This demo consists of raging, Mincing Grindcore bodychecks full of downtuned Gore Guitars, mad blasting blast beats and gross gory low low vocal with Mince bellow vocal trade-off. There’s also plenty of Hardcore Punk influence to be found in the Drumming, which adds a little something to the already pungent brew, and of course Dahmer and Hip Hop samples (Obviously!?!). Putrid, nasty, chaotic and disgusting. The 4 track tape recording quality is awesome, and everything sounds completely burnt out, fucked up and broken. If you enjoy Parfumerie, Hyperemeses, Parazitozis or Pancreactomie you’ll dig this shit. A really great demo, I’m certainly looking forward to their next release!"         -GonzoKaraoke    

Out Now: 
-IR001: Exogorth 3" mini CD (100 total)
-IR002: SnakeHeadFish/ Exogorth split tape (100 total) 
-IR003: SMG/ Lt. Dan split 7" (300 total)
-IR004: Ptychozoon - "Reptilian" EP tape (50 total)  
-IR005: Kali/ Ultimate Blowup split 7" (500 total) 
-IR006: Exogorth 7" EP (200 total)
-IR007: Exogorth/ Abandonment Issues split tape (100 total) 
-IR008: David Carradine/ Exogorth split 7" & tape (300 total) 
-IR009: Snake Head Fish 7" EP (300 total)
-IR010: Busuk - "Judgement Day Has Begun" EP tape (100 total) 
-IR011: Lt. Dan/ Maximum Thrash split 7" (300 total)
-IR012: Nekro Drunkz/ Exogorth split tape (100 total)
-IR013: Totes Brute 7" EP (300 total)
-IR014: Bangsat/ Exogorth split 7" (300 total)
-IR015: Six Brew Bantha 12" LP (500 total)
-IR016: Raw Resistance-"From Science To Warfare" EP tape (100 total)
-IR017: Bangsat/ Deathevoker split tape (100 total)  
-IR018: Exogorth/ Gezora split tape (200 total)
-IR019: RxTx/ Exogorth split 3" mini CD (200 total)
-IR020: Totes Brute-"the puker" 12" LP (500 total)
-IR021: Sorcerer Torturer/ Exogorth split tape (150 total)
-IR022: Acid Feast demo 2014 (100 total)
-IR023: Slugged- "Chokin on teeth" tape (100 total)

*still available 

Up Next: 
-IR024: Exogorth/ PowerTrip split tape
-IR025: Jeffrey Dahmer/ Exogorth split 7"
-IR026: Exogorth/ Aputasos split 7"

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